iTunes changes music folder automatically

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I run latest Itunes and have my music stored on a external drive connected to a time capsule. I have the problem that after I change the preference to direct to that remote drive, all works fine. After some time however, it changes the music folder back locally on my MacBook. If i change it back again to the network, it is building the whole library file again after which it organizes the file structure as well (I let iTunes manage this).

My libraries are all stored locally.

Does anybody have an idea why this is happening? This is really annoying.

I figured it is maybe when the drive is in sleep mode, and I download something, it does not wake-up the drive or so, but I can not firmly conclude this.

Thanks for suggestions.


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    Anybody an idea? It keeps on doing this...

    I found this for the windows version:

    But am not experienced enough to know how this translates to Apple-world.

    Many thanks!
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    I learned that this behavior is as designed. e.g. when no network available, it will switch back to local. Once the network is there again, it switches automatically back to the network drive. Also mounting this drive in log-in items seem to have helped.

    What happens when I download something when drive is disconnected and then connect drive, I do not know yet. Would be great if it would then automatically put the downloads in the remote music folder ...
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