at&t-Yahoo / - can download but not see mail

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Without warning AT&T apparently gave their email to Yahoo and hasn't been the same since. I used their on-line help to reset the new in and out servers and ports and the like. I can send without trouble and I can apparently download email as my unread count continues to go up, but I cant see any of the now 196 emails waiting for me. If anything goes into the Junk folder, I can call it "Not Junk" and send it to any folder but the Inbox.

I also set up Entourage and was able to send and receive for all of one day, then nothing.

I have tried the card-reading help via phone and, well, no help. I DO have everything set properly, according to them.

I'm half tempted to try to set all mail as "Junk" just to be able to see it, but haven't figured that out yet.

Any help appreciated.

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