Vista - Unable to install iTunes

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Whilst trying to install iTunes on my Dell computer with Vista Home Basic I get to the final stage of the installation and then the following error occurs. I have been to the Microsoft Help pages and Apple's help pages with no luck at all. After clicking on the OK button the program rolls itself back and off the computer. I am the owner of the computer and the Administrator and have never had this happen before. My son has treated me to a new iPod Touch 16G and I can't use it.


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    You could try using Regedit to modify the permissions on that key. Though I doubt that is what is really wrong. Messages as these are often wrong
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    I have looked in Regedit for the key but Vista says I don't have permission to edit it. I have also tried installing by right clicking on the downloaded file and clicking on install as Administrator. Still no good.

    Is there any other way of activating the iPod Touch?
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