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Does anyone know how to setup Mail so that it can access my Hotmail account? I can't figure it out. Maybe I'm just dumb with my new MBP. Thanks.


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    You can't. Only Outlook has this ability. Hotmail will soon be offering POP but they may charge for that
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    Lame. No plugins or anything are available?
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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    I don't believe so. This is a restriction MS puts on its Hotmail. You might look into Entourage, that may be able to connect
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,910member
    "Mail Forward for Mac OS X e-mail forwarding application. Forward your AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Netscape, Yahoo, POP, and IMAP mail to any e-mail address! (Mac OS X 10.1 or later) New version with Yahoo and domain forwarding!"

    I've been using this for several years and love it. Any question or problem I've had has been answered the same or next day by the designer. All upgrades have been free. I send my 4 email accounts (Hotmail and Yahoo) to my ISP Comcast which are downloaded to MacMail when I press the "Get Mail" button in MacMail.

    They could be sent to Gmail and set up with IMAP to download to MacMail. However, Gmail sends TOO much (All Mail; Drafts; Sent Mail; Starred; and Trash) from the Gmail account. $19.95 and worth it.
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    Hi Guys,

    I have been using this leopard only plugin for mail and it works great for my free hotmail address.

    see what you think
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    The link says the account was suspended.
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,910member
    Originally Posted by BlueMeanie23 View Post

    The link says the account was suspended.

    It's open now; however, the app doesn't sound too stable. It causes Mail to crash at times.
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    It is likely that anything like this is going to be a web-scraping application. That is it goes to the web-page in the background and tries to take the page apart to come up with the right data. The moment Hotmail changes anything they have to then re-do things to catch up. This is never going to be a stable solution.

    As others have already said, this is completely up to Hotmail, and they feel that having your eyeballs on their web-site is the reason they are providing the service.
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,910member
    At the risk of repeating what I said in a previous post, there's no real problems with MailForward.
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