is download suddenly slow?? is it security update or versiontracker or 10.2.1 or me?

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downloaded a couple of things off versiontracker today and i am only getting 10.3 to 13.5 kb/sec on cable modem with airport.....taking over 10 minutes to download 7.1 MB of info...can't remember what rate i had before....but it was like 300 or 500 or 800 kb/sec or something insanely i feel like i am downloading on dial-up again....ok, not that bad...but still slower than i am used to .....did the latest security update slow down my system or is versiontracker slow or do i need to check out my settings and make adjustments?? thanks g

ps...disk copy also seems it 10.2.1 or me?

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    VersionTracker does not mirror downloads, so they aren't the culprit.
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    I shouldn't imagine it's the Security Update: all that contained was a new version of Terminal.
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    ok...must have been a glich....just downloaded 12 mb in less than a seems back up to speed....the other day 10 kb over 100 kb sec.....g
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