Internet is really really slow after Leopard reinstall

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My computer had been running very slowly recently so I decided to do a reformat and reinstall of Leopard. Most everything works great now except that the Internet has slowed to almost nothing. I have tried to connect via Ethernet (my preferred way) and via Airport to a Vonage Linksys router. My computer is a 20? iMac Core 2 Duo 2.16 and I am running the current system software. It doesn?t matter what browser I am using either, neither Firefox or Safari will work. I have tried looking online for information regarding this and have found some things, but they have not helped. I have reset the DNS servers to and like I found on some websites, but it has not helped me at all. I checked out this website, but nothing from here seems to fix my problem. I am completely stumped. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey there!

    I noticed you said you configured your DNS servers to hook up to openDNS ( and Did you do this on your Mac --> System Preferences --> Network or did you do this on the router? I would recommend you do this on your router and delete the settings on your Mac.

    This way, the Mac won't have conflicting DNS servers with the router. This might not be the cause of the problem but it level out the playing field for us.

    Also: you mentioned your Mac was running slow so your decided to format it. Was the internet slow before the format as well or is this a new issue post-format?

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