Keyboard problem in OS X

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a keyboard problem, apparently related to OS X, which I don't know how to solve.

My keyboard is the French Canadian CSA. It's working perfectly in all apps, except in GLQuake 1.0.7 and in Quake 3.

Quake isn't able to recognise the special keys, for exampe ù, é, è, ~, ^, <, >, ", etc, and the numbers at the right (padkeys). It's recognising all the normal keys (for example : a, b, c, ...1, 2, 3, ..), but not the others. So I'm unable to drop the console, except after having edited the q3config.cfg file with TextEdit. I'm forced to use the normal keys only ! I can't use the ~ or the ' key ! Why ? I never experienced this problem before, on the iMac at work (OS 9 only).

Do you have an idea ?
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