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The future of the iPhone is subject of much debate over the last few weeks mygadgetlife.co.uk has been researching the future of the iPhone. We have decided to approach this by breaking it down into three sections Current iPhone, Realistic features and Hardware.

Current iPhone

The current iPhone is packed full of features. Whether you decided to get the full experience through the App Store or you decide to Jailbreak your iPhone, its apps galore with over 10,000 apps on the App Store alone. There is still much discussion of the functions and features the iPhone is lacking that many basic phones get straight out of the box. In this article I am working on the principle that my iPhone is not Jail broken and 3rd party app are not available to me.

* MMS picture messaging ? I can see apples view on this on why not just e-mail them

* Cut and Paste

* Better recognition of caps mode - For example, when typing two or three consecutive upper case letters, enable caps until end-of-word character is pressed.

* Better Bluetooth support -file transfer, keyboards, mice, stereo headsets.

* Transmit your contact card - To another iPhone user, just to annoy Palm

* Tether support - To let you access the Internet over EDGE on your laptop

* A mode that forces ALL calls into voicemail. That lets you leave the phone on.

* Store file ? That lets you store pdf and doc etc?

* Ability to save other attachments - To a ?Documents? folder, or a folder of your choice.

* Voice recording. As a standard feature, it would also be nice to be able to record calls

* Option to make the entire surface the button for taking pictures.

* Ability to create, manage a MobileMe gallery from iPhone itself, including syncing of new pictures up/down to iPhone.

* Background application support for twitter and such like

* RSS Reader with background support

These cover the features that in my opinion require immediate attention and could be resolved with a software update and I am sure would result in increased iPhone sales.



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    This dead horse has been beaten over and over for a long time and it still falls on deaf ears. In fact, people might even have better luck with an old Tzar of Russia!.

    Look forward to Palm PRE for the iPhone V2. Some companies are not playing the "no holds barred" feature release of any hardware. But these days, smaller companies cannot afford to withhold features.
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    Originally Posted by mygadgetlife.co.uk View Post

    . In this article I am working on the principle that my iPhone is not Jail broken and 3rd party app are not available to me.


    But 3rd apps are available. Quite easily directly from the phone, in fact. So why waste your time listing "features" that are easily added through the app store?
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