What are your opinions of iLife '09?

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We can read a lot of reviews from experts but I rather get you guys' opinion. Do you think iLife '09 is a good app to upgrade to?


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    To me it's worth it for iPhoto alone. In fact iPhoto '09 will be the reason I'm finally upgrading my CoreDuo MacBook to Leopard.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,145member
    For me in order of influence.

    iMovie 09- GREAT upgrade. I got further along with better results the first time out versus me using iMovie HD. The realtime features make my DC 1.66Ghz feel much faster because there's hardly a slow down.

    iPhoto - clean UI and faces doesn't work half bad but picture quality is important. I've tested the Facebook link and it's fine as well.

    Garageband - I LOVE this. The new UI is great and i've only dabbled with loops. I'm going to test out the training soon and eventually I'll have a guitar and USB keyboard.

    iWeb- FTP...nuff said.

    iDVD- I'll use it eventually.

    for me it's a worthy purchase.
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    I only use iPhoto, so the upgrade is a bit expensive. I bought it but I have to say that I am not impressed so far. I believe that using keywords and folders/albums is a much better way to organize photos than faces or places...Face recognition doesn't work well and the places database is not accurate.

    I am using iPhoto 09 exactly the way I was using iPhoto 08...
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