OS X and application pauses

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I am wondering if anyone else is getting the same problem as myself. When I was using 10.1.5, I could just pull it back out of sleep mode and she applications open on the snap of a finger. Now with Jaguar they always pause after coming out of sleep, not always after that, but nearly always. A couple days after I installed 10.2, I had to do some big transfers so I uploaded like a gig of data off some CD's and then moved it back off the disc. I can't remember if it started after that or when I just installed Jag. If I just try and re-install it, will it cause any problems with already existing files? I have about 16gigs of music and another files on my drive and just want to make sure those won't end up damaged. Thanks in advance.

BTW it's on an iMac G4 800/Superdrive

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    As lon as you don't perform and clean install and reformat your hard drive, your data will be fine. I recommend using archive and install to keep your files intact.
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