iLife '09 UI Hall of Shame

in Mac Software edited January 2014
iPhoto '09 - uses standard UI widgets...except for scrollbars (this hasn't changed from iPhoto '08 which had custom scrollbar widgets with the exception for the color and behavior)...yes, now the scrollbar is white when the window is active or not.

iMovie '09 - uses some weird custom window that stays dark grey even when the window is not active. The top-left close/minimize/fit-to-content widgets roll-over graphics aren't just shown when you put the cursor on top of the widgets, they're shown pretty much anytime the cursor is within the iMovie '09 window with the exception of the clip and playback frames. Like iPhoto '09, the scrollbars are also custom (black in color). Also, every menu item with the word full-screen's 'f 'isn't capitalized. What makes 'full-screen' so special that 'f' doesn't need to be capitalized.

iLife '09 is great but why does the UI have to be so broken?
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