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Today, out of no where, the right side of my laptop (if facing to type) started to make a funny noise. I turned it off and turned it back on. The noise went down a lil but it's still there. Sounds like the hard drive. It's spinning, but not like usual. This is a first gen intel 15inch macbook pro

It's not really loud but noticeable. It's also not the type of spin when it's under heavy duty pressure, it's more of an idle calm spin but with a slight glitch to it.

should i be worried?

edit: crap the noise got a lil louder, it's like a really fast tapping noise.


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    Originally Posted by Elixir View Post

    Today, out of no where, the right side of my laptop

    the hard drive is on the left (palmrest). Might be a fan going bad. If you have applecare, take it to a genius bar or apple cert. service shop.
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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    Originally Posted by kmac1036 View Post

    the hard drive is on the left (palmrest). Might be a fan going bad. If you have applecare, take it to a genius bar or apple cert. service shop.

    Ah, you know what you're prob right. When i think of it the noise happened after the laptop was very hot and the fan was going full blown... then boom the noise.

    As i put my ear to the harddrive on the left everything seems fine. Thank god, but my warranty is up, this better not cost me a lot.
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    Mine does something like that sporadically. I just ignore it.
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    My first MacBook Air started making a slight clicking sound that I at first thought was the HD, till I checked the temperatures using iStat Pro: the CPU was at 80°C (100° is boiling), then I figured it was the fan. It was.

    Had I ignored it, it would have fried pretty much everything. Lucky for me, it was a new machine (but it was a problem that new machines shouldn't have and plenty of MBA's did at first) and Apple replaced it.

    I would get it checked ASAP, or you could fry the whole thing and run a higher repair bill. Back up your data before giving the machine to Apple.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    My MBP has fan noise... I cleaned them last week when I had it open for a HD upgrade but it didn't help. Any ballpark idea what Apple charges to replace a fan?
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    No idea what the charge would be, never paid for work. Either have applecare or I do it myself. Fans online are going for about $50.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    Mucho expensive but if they get too noisy, I guess I'll have to replace them. Thanks for the info. I never thought to look at ifixit.
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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    Ok, so i went out and bought a new optical drive. Went to ifixit, replaced the optical drive. Everything was workign fine and then BOOM the noise came back.

    So, is it the fan? I took the laptop into apple before ordering the optical drive and they said it was indeed the optical drive but now I have the same noise.

    Just wow and now my trackpad seems odd. It's ultra sensitive, so is the trackpad clicker. Oh god, sometimes when i type the words get automatically highlighted? What is going on, jesus.

    I took care when taking this apart and putting it back together... why is the keyboard/mouse acting up?
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    my system got goofed up when the hard drive got replaced by a apple specialist - got a new unibody out of it!

    make sure the cables got inserted properly. You have to pull the little brown tab up on the logic board - to remove & install the ribbon cable for the keyboard / trackpad.

    make sure that connection is good.

    you can try the SMC reset & cmd option P R at boot to flush the memory.
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