So, I got need help with a Tiger install on an eMac

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I got this eMac the other day for £30 from eBay. 800MHz G4, 640MB RAM, BUT ONLY A CD DRIVE *cries*

Shamefully, after my 1st generation MacBook Pro bust this is the only Mac I possess. Right next to my PC, so it's a problem getting this to install.

What I want to know is, well it's quite obvious, how would I go about installing Tiger? I made a disk image on my MacBook Pro a while back before I upgraded to leopard which I sent to the 2nd hard drive in my PC for backup (I used to back up a lot of the stuff from both machines onto there) so I have that. It's a .toast though :/

Is there no way of using my PC as a target drive?



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    the image won't work on the eMac, it's from an Intel Mac, no dice! The partition setup is GUID (need APM) & the OS will likely only boot on an Intel.

    does the MBP do anything? can you put that in target mode? You can use that to install tiger, but you'll need a PPC version.

    otherwise, you are looking at getting an external drive or swapping the internal. & that's if you have a PPC copy of 10.4
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