Can I make my library all the same bit rate?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hi there! I've had my 3rd generation Nano for a while now, but I've always been super-frustrated with Itunes. One thing I would like to do is take my library and have it all converted to a lower bit rate, so I can fit more music on my Ipod. The only ways I've been able to do this are a) Using an audio converter program, then clearing original songs out of the library and replacing them with the lower bit rate version, or b) highlighting songs, right clicking, and using "create AAC version" which I have set to 128 kbps. This leaves me with duplicates that I have to manually delete, and also doesn't change the original file in it's home location.

When reading the FAQ's and manual for Itunes, I saw that Ipod SHUFFLES allow you to go into their settings and set the program to convert anything you transfer over to it, to a lower bit rate. This doesn't seem to be available for Nanos though.

So, is there an easy way to have my files converted to, say, 128 kbps? I was hoping that when I imported the files into Itunes, it would automatically convert them (as per my "import settings") but it did not. ??
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