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    Doesn't anybody have a clue on this one?
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    Originally Posted by sneamia View Post

    Hey guys,

    I want users to be able to access the Server folder, which contains folders, A, B, C, BC, and ABC.

    However, user A should only be able to access the A and ABC folders, and its subfolders. B should only access B, BC, and ABC. C should only be able to access C, BC, ABC.

    Ideally, A should only be able to see the folders he can access as well, same goes for B, and C.

    If you really only have 5 folders, you could try sharing each separately, and adding a "valid users = " parameter for each, restricting access to those particular users.




    path = /path/to/AB

    valid users = A, B

    The shares will be visible to everybody, unless you want to make them non-browseable (to everyone, even valid users).
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