Online store UK EXTRA CHARGE without consent!!!

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Hi to everybody!

I have purchased a Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet from the UK online store of Apple.

If you go to such store ( and search for "cintiq" you will notice that there are three results: a Cintiq 21UX and TWO (yes, that is one and a second one) Cintiq 12WX.

The latter two are identical in every detail but the price and the part number.

Obviously I confirmed a purchase for the cheaper one (some 200 pounds less), for a total charge of £760.00 including tax and free shipping (which was stated clearly before confirming, and after the credit card was charged).

All cool until here.

Then after a few minutes, I received the "processing order" email notification.

The new summary now has an item price that starts already at £779, for a total charge of about £890 (which is a good £166 that they have charged me without my consent).

Clearly they have messed up with the online store, and now the self service page is broken, so I can't even cancel my order.

The bottom line is that I accepted a charge for £760 and they charged me nearly £900.

From what I can recall, this is a plain fraud.

I'm waiting to call them first thing monday in the morning!!
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