MacBookPro and External Drive quirks...

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Not sure if I'm posting in the right thread, but here goes:

I have a MacBook Pro connected to a LaCie external hard drive.

The hard drive shows up as, let's say "External 1", but the hard drive is labelled "External".

I noticed this happened after using uTorrent. I set the download location to the external hard drive. One day I did not have the external connected, and started up uTorrent. It appeared to have created a virtual directory for the same download location, but I could not locate it in the finder.

Now, when I use my Sony PS3 to search for media, via MediaLink, two versions of the external drive appear in the list, "External" and "External"

My question is how to eliminate this so-called virtual/phantom drive from appearing? I want my external to read as "External" not "External 1" in the finder.

Please advise.


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    I never disconnect my ext hd and of course have never seen this situation. I'm guessing that user should properly 'eject' the ext drive ahead of time to save the OS having to think fast to avoid a kernel panic type of death. Ie, anticipate possibility that hd will be disconnected & eject before shutdown of last session. Not easy to do, granted, but might be better than auto-ejecting device at every s/d- if that is even possible.

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    ........... One day I did not have the external connected, and started up uTorrent. ...........

    Please advise.

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    open up Disk Utility. see what is mounted. hilight & Eject the drives you don't want. You should then be able to rename the wanted drive in the Finder to whatever you want.
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