Garage Band issue - tracks playback out of synch/off beat.

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi there - got an iMac that's about a year old (he's cute when he works) and I've been having this problem with Garage Band-

I record drums in track one. Then I record keys perfectly on beat in track two, hit stop record, listen to recording and the keys sound ever so slightly off beat.

I notice that after hitting stop record, a few miliseconds of the very beginning of the keyboard track gets snipped off (it happens very quickly, but I can see it). It's visable that they are out of alignment/synch by very little, but it's enough to make the song sound off beat.

why are the tracks being snipped by miliseconds at the very beginning & throwing the whole song off? It was working fine for me for awhile, just started recently. I've tried locking tracks and checked all settings. Also, it's not a ram issue as the computer is relatively new & Im not running it hard or overloading it.

I've spent hours on the phone with AppleCare. Yesterday I went to the Apple Store it was purchased at to delete & reinstall Garage Band & spent awhile there explaining the issue (hoping it was resolved when I left). To my utter horror & disbelief, when I got home...

it was still happening \

They're telling me I need to do an Archive Install next, but I'm hoping that the problem can be fixed before that.

any help/advice greatly appreciated!

*edit - happens with any instruments/ prerecorded music, not just drums & keys
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