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hey, I don't know anything about c or c+ or objc or whatever.

but I find that nice app, and think "hmm, I would like to change the interface of it"

and that is easy to do, bcs it comes under the GPL and has source code included. so I run off to PB and beginn to change the interface.

then, I run into the problem. I want that if you click on "Help", that it opens a document which is stored inside of the app.

how do I do this?

can someone give me step to step instructions ?


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    I'm pretty sure you'll have to change more than just a NIB for that kind of functionality. This is way too general a request to give reliable directions for. You should at least name the app and explain exactly where this button is, what it currently does, what file you want it to open, how you want the file opened, etc.

    By the way, just because something is GPL'd doesn't mean it's easy to change. I mean, heck, look at Mozilla!! That's one beast of an open-source program.

    Anyway, this belongs in Software. Moving now....

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