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I have been experimenting with Pages in the hope that I can ditch MS Word.

Saving Files: Is the only way to save files via the menu. Word has a nice Save button, which I use all the time when my documents have stable updates.

Format Painter: I am not sure how this works in Pages, but it is wildly useful in Word.

Compatibility: Can you really go back and forth with Word? I have to post my files in Word for the students in my classes.

I appreciate the GREAT help you all have provided in the past.

Thanks ! ! !

PS I note, for example, Pages does not give default file names based on the first line of text, a la MS Word. It appears Pages is missing good Human Engineering touches.


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    You can work on, save, & export Word docs, no problem there. You can edit the icons in the toolbar, there might be a save button, but "command s" shortcut keys are much faster, no mousing around.

    Not sure on the format painter, don't use it really.
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