Colour label problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a rather annoying problem with the colour label feature in the finder.

I have a directory with 140 folders in and I'm using colour labels to define the status of each one. However, for some reason not all the folders are holding the label, and when you browse away from the directory, and back again, it reverts back to having no label at all.

I've looked at the permission for folders which work and those that don't, and can see no difference. I can also rename the folder, and this holds.

The directory is on an 8TB NAS/SAN hybrid - I'm running an iMac running 10.5.6. I've spoken to one of the pen spinners who run the servers, and although they are also mac based and can replicate the problem, they don't have any solutions.

Any ideas are welcome.


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    not sure if OS X supports that type of feature on a NAS/SAN setup, or it's a terrible bug.

    can you move or copy a folder to the NAS with a lable already? does it stick?

    got applecare on the machine? might try their support on this one.
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