If you could not get an iPhone, which phone would you get?

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Presently, the iPhone is exorbitant in Canada, as I would need to sign up for a $90/month data plan with a 3 year contract (Rogers or Fido). I'm still thinking of buying an unlocked iPhone and getting a voice plan, and then putting that sim card in the iPhone, but I'm starting to consider alternatives.

The alternatives would need to meet the following requirements:

1) Ability to sync with music, contacts, calendar, pictures, and possibly videos (I'm willing to do some hacks to get it to work).

2) At least 8Gb of data, either on the phone itself, or with an extra memory card.

3) Touch keyboard.

4) No contact (either officially, or by buying the phone outright and getting a sim card for a month-month plan).

5) Option for voice-only plan (either officially, or through the solution in 4)).

6) Wi-Fi

7) Music player.

8) Picture viewer.

9) Camera (doesn't have to be awesome, just take reasonably good pictures).

10) Calendar app.

11) Contacts app.

12) Email app.

13) Internet browser.

14) Simple games (something I can play while on the train without Wi-Fi).

I've read the reviews of the first Android phone. While it shows lots of promise, it still has some rough edges, and syncing with iTunes/Contacts/Calendar is not nearly as straightforward as it is with an iPhone.

So, if you needed to get a smartphone, and were artificially prevented from getting an iPhone, which would you choose, and why?
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