Remote Desktop to multple Macs on a remote network

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I'm trying to use Apple Remote Desktop to connect to multiple Mac's on a remote network.

I've set the remote network's firewall/router to open up the ARD-specific ports for all the computers I want to connect to. I've also set each computer to accept Remote Management.

On my ARD however, when I enter the network address of the remote network I'm trying to get to, I can only see ONE of the enabled computers, rather than all.

Any suggestions on how I can get to ALL of the computers on the remote network? Thanks!


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    This is one of the weaknesses of ARD, but one that you can get around. The problem is probably that your network is behind a NAT router, and you have set port forwarding to point the ARD protocols at one of the computers. That will be the only one that you can control on that network. There are two ways around this:

    1) Setup multiple routes on your NAT device with one using the regular ports and the others at some other ports (externally) that then point at the correct port on the computer. Then when you connect to each one you point it at the port dedicated to that computer and you can get to each.

    2) Setup ARD on one of the computers and then set that computer to be the one you can ARD into. Then you ARD into that one computer and use it to use ARD to control the others. It is a bit odd in concept, but works well.

    I do remember that this was a feature that Apple was taking serious note of, so I would expect it in a future product.
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