Macbook Gray Screen

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I hope that you guys can give me some advice. I have a Macbook that I purchased in October '07 so it is just a few months past its warranty period. Two nights ago I was working on my master's thesis and had several firefox windows open and Microsoft Word. The computer started to hang a little bit as I opened another firefox tab. Eventually firefox completely froze and I did a force quit on it. The computer had been on for several days so I decided to save my thesis and restart. The saving and the shut down went just perfectly. Now my macbook won't boot.

All I can get from it is the gray screen. I have tried to boot several times and it never goes any further than the gray screen. I put in the leopard install disc hoping that I could either boot from the disc or reinstall OSX, but it will not load anything from the disc (nor can I eject it now). I looked around online and the general consensus seemed to be that the drive was toast so I ordered a new one from Amazon that is supposed to be here later today. But just a few minutes ago I pulled the drive out and put it in my old external drive enclosure and connected it to my windows machine and it can read the bootcamped windows installation just fine, which I can't boot into on the macbook either. Now I am worried that it is something much worse than a dead drive.

Any ideas what could be wrong with it? It literally only goes to the gray screen. The apple logo does not come up, nor does the spinning wheel, or a question mark. Thanks in advance.


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