Lost finder - HELP

in macOS edited January 2014
Lost finder! Is that an oxymoron? Whatever it is, my FINDER has disappeared. Any suggestions? Pleeeeease!

Had a computer (brain) freeze. Did a 'Force quit' which said, "Finder not responding." I tried to relaunch Finder, but it vanished. Now, I can't find it. I can't access files, drives, apps, user, desktop, etc. Odd that I can use Firefox. I haven't tried other browsers.

"Where, oh where has my little dog (Finder) gone? Where, oh where can he be?" Sorry. I can't carry a tune. I think this problem has rattled my brains, composure, reasoning, etc. I just hear 'Twilight Zone' music ringing in my ears. Is there anyone else out there? Am I being solipsistic? Have I gone 'round the bend'?

Edit: I find (NPI) that I can access stuff in the dock, but if I try to save something (in TextEdit, for example), I lose access to that app.

Edit: I am apprehensive about rebooting. I have a 16GB USB drive plugged in and it contains much info. If I reboot without being able to eject that drive first, it may have a deleterious effect on the info it contains. Those odd noises coming from me are deep sobs.

Edit: 8:35 PM- Pop-up reads: The application "Finder" cannot be launched. -600

Edit: Fed up with trying to find the "Finder", rebooted, Finder appeared. USB didn't fare so well. Not only was ALL data lost, but the 16GB drive is Verdammte Scheiße! Kaput!

Evidently, the USB drive was the cause of the problem.
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