MBP hard drive over heating after upgrade

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My primary computer is a MB pro, year and a half old.

Decided to do an upgrade tonight. RAM and hard drive. I checked everything out before I bought. All the tech specs are correct.

Did a Super Duper (bootable) and Time Machine back up to my external firewire drive before I began.

Everything went fine until I went to boot up after the restore from Time Machine.

After the restore the mac reboots. It never got past the apple screen with the little thing spinning underneath it.

The new hard drive is running at 97C. It is hot to the touch.

I'm now trying a second restore via Super Duper... though it is taking much longer. Time Machine took less than an hour. Super Duper has been running an hour and 15 minutes and is probably only a third of the way done based on the progress bar.

I'm not convinced there is anything wrong with my back up copies. I'm wondering if perhaps I have been unlucky enough to pick up a brand new defective hard drive. But apart from temp.... how would I know?

When I run TTD everything checks out. When I run disk utilities the volume come through as "verified" as opposed to "failed" which I would expect if something were wrong with the actual disk.

Any wisdom or guidance would be MUCH appreciated!!!


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    Everything restored just fine. I'm running from the drive right now.

    The heat issue is still there though. I'm not just talking hot though... we're taking about temps far in excess of rated spec:

    Last night it peaked at 209F according to my istat widget.

    Right now it's at 170F and climbing....

    I'm still not convinced the drive is not defective.
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    Update II:

    I guess we'll file this under the unexplained.....

    So I'm all set to tear this thing back a part and send the hard drive back and throw the old one back in.

    I decided to head for the bath tub to have a think... to make sure that's what I wanted to do (as opposed to take it to the local Mac repair shop to let them have a look)....

    .... and I come back down several hours later... relaxed and ready to perform surgery once again.... and like a fever that has run it's course.... things are apparently back to normal.

    Temp... which had been 189F earlier today now stands at a very normal 94F.

    Fingers crossed....
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