CDFS Filesystem: How do I read it in OS X?

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I am wondering why Jag (still) can't read the (increasingly popular) CDFS filesystem.

Real-World Example:

I have a client who I deployed an iMac with Jag for. I told her how powerful Jag was, and how it easy it will be to communicate with PCs (1/2 of her clients are PC users). I bragged about the SMB services, the FTP stuff and even mentioned the option of Virtual PC if needed. Unfortunately I got "burned" the first time she received a CDFS CD ROM from her Windows client. CDFS disks don't mount at all. She assumed the CD was bad and told her client, who took the time to make a 2nd CD, shich also failed to mount in OS X. Now she is embarrased and I look like a fool, too.

She has spent almost $3,00 in new Mac hardware and software, but she still can't read the simple CDs she needs in order to make a living.

I am considering if I will ever deploy Macs anymore if these type of problems continue.

Does WinXP's native CD burning software have a ISO9660 option instead of CDFS?

Does anyone else here wish OS X could read and mount CDFS disks?

Are there 3rd party solutions? Virtulal PC won't work because process of mounting the disk is lower on the OSI model than which VPC operates. Chicken before the egg...

Will OS X EVER support CDFS?

IS CDFS a Microsoft propritary format?

I thought that Toast 5 Titanium could burn a CDFS disk. That's weird, considering my Mac (OS 9 and OS X) can't read the format!

What exactly is the issue here? Mounting and reading a simple CD ROM is the most basic feature that a computer must be able to do in the business world (especially in advertising and design)...

Any advice and fedback would be great!

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