what to buy?

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A local store has previous gen Ipod classics on sale for $179 for the 80 gig and $269 for the 160gig (as opposed to $249 for the newest generation w/120gigs and $399 for a 32 gig Ipod touch). (Note: I'm afraid to buy this stuff used on Ebay cause people drop these things all the time)

As for the diff between latest and next latest gen classics, I found this:

Your first question is probably what is the difference between these iPods and the current generation? The answer is not much.

1. iPod classic: Both of the closeout iPod classic models have better battery life than the current 120GB version with a slightly dimmer display.

2. iThe other difference is that the current iPods allow you to create Genius playlist on the go, with these iPods you'll have to use your computer to create Genius playlists instead.

Is that it for the differences? What would you do? Of course I'd prefer a touch but the high cost for such a low amount of memory (meaning definite obsolescence within a year or so) discourages me
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