Reformat ipod touch to Windows from mac

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I pretty much want to reformat my ipod touch with mac to pc, but since it can only go on one computer (apps) how can i go about this? can i reformat to windows and have the apps thing work, or will it restore at all?


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    The iPod touch does not have the ability to be used as a portable drive so, unlike other iPods, it DOES NOT need to be formatted to be used on different operating systems - it's as easy as plugging it into the new computer and it will work fine straight away. When you first connect, it will ask if you want to erase and sync with that library - select NO. This will automatically set the iPod to manually manage music. To transfer apps to your computer, select "Store" from the menu, click "Authorise computer", then enter your iTunes ID and password. After it's authorised, select (I think) File, and click "Transfer Purchases from iPod".

    Then, import your music into iTunes from CDs or wherever they were previously stored, uncheck "manually manage music", and press sync.
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