MacBook Pro ignores ANY official key-combination during boot-up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I have a BIG problem. Yesterday I installed a program that has a launch agent and now OS X "hangs" when loading (login works but then it just freezes). This in itself is not my problem though as I know how I would get rid of the offending launch daemon if I had access to the file system the problem is I can't gain access in any way.

I have a password set for EFI (you see a lock and have to enter a password at the screen to boot from DVD or use bootcamp etc. ). I did have bootcamp at one point but I deinstalled it and the whole HD is used by OS X (Leopard fully patched) now. The problem is that I can't get my Mac to get to the password screen. I have tried every key combination while starting up trying to do various things like booting from an alternative boot medium, starting in verbose mode, starting in secure mode etc. none of it works. I NEVER get to the password screen the system simply boots up into OS X and shows me the login screen. The keyboard works fine.

I'm using a Macbook Pro (late 2006). No hardware changes (actually was at Apple to have a part replaced recently but didn't have this issue after that only as of today). I do not have access to a different Mac and no FireWire hard drive. I do have a standard USB hard drive though. I don't want to do anything like removing, reinserting a RAM stick as the computer still has warranty and if in any way possible I would like to avoid going to the Apple store as its miles away and difficult to get to from where I live.

Please, any suggestions?


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