unix terminal command needed...

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...to check the installed memory. I know df tells you the volumes.

Here's the issue: XServ's will not boot OS 9, we need to quickly install additional ram and boot to make sure it's working fine - but we don't want to run the initial 10.2 server setup. We can boot to the 10.2 Server CD, but the only tool available is the terminal.


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    jj_wijj_wi Posts: 22member
    Or you can use 'sysctl -a'

    The RAM will be displayed along with the other 'hw' values, e.g.:

    hw.machine = Power Macintosh

    hw.model = PowerMac3,5

    hw.ncpu = 2

    hw.byteorder = 4321

    hw.physmem = 1610612736

    hw.usermem = 1486499840

    hw.pagesize = 4096
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    top did not work.

    I think because we're booting to a Mac OS 10 install CD, it doesn't have a full Kernel, and thus the top command has no processes to check. Generally, it does work.

    I'll try the other command. I think the best way around this is to install a bootable OS 10.2 partition on a Firewire HD.
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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    [quote]Originally posted by JJ_WI:

    <strong>Or you can use 'sysctl -a'


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