How to remove icon in System Preferences

in macOS edited January 2014
I threw out the software program for my Microsoft Wireless Explorer mouse as I got a Logitech mouse.

The icon though is still in System Preferences, but when I try to drag it to the trash it just flies back to where it is.

I did go into the finder but with no luck, I know the program's not there any more as when I click on it it says so.

Can someone tell me how I can remove the icon?


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    go to /Library/PreferencePanes (not home directory). Delete what you want there.

    Good luck.
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    Actually, it could be in either of these:




    Check them all. It *should not* be in the last one, but I wouldn't put that past Microsoft's idiotic programmers to put it there.

    Remember: the System Preferences app is just an abstracted interface to the prefs located in other places on your drive. It's not a folde like "Control Panels" was in Classic Mac OS. Thus, dragging an icon to the trash from within the System Prefs isn't going to do anything.
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    When you download new drivers for a logitech mouse an un-installer app, does MS not include something along those lines? If so you could just download the driver package and run the uninstall.

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