Contacts lost on MAC and Mobileme and not iPod

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Yesterday while my iPod was Syncing I lost 90% of all my contacts and calenders. During the sync a window popped up about changes that were going to be made. I did not make the right decision on what button to click. Instantly I knew what I did and went to my Mobileme account and that had already be synced as well. However my iPod touch is still intact, that is all address book and calender info had not been lost..... YET! I immediately turn off all sync and "PUSH" options in fear that mobibleme would update my itouch the wrong way.

So my question. Does anyone know a way to sync my info from my touch with my computer and mobileme with out the risk of it being done the other way around (and lose everything). I really don't want to "try something" because in a worse case scenario I still have all the info and I can re enter it manually. Not fun but at least I know I have everything.

Any info would be very helpful



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    This is just a guess, but I would try and see if there is some utility under a search for "iPod" or "contacts" that would let you pull them off. I just don't think there is diskmode directly for iPod Touch (don't have one), that would let you goto the contacts folder and copy them off...

    Just a guess, since like I said I don't have one. But there has to be some utility there...

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