Keyboard Backlight Problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a new MBP and haven't been using the old Powerbook much, but I've recently noticed that the backlight for the keyboard no longer works. On top of that the F8 F9 F10 buttons do nothing and that little box that you check in system preferences/keyboard and mouse/keyboard: illuminate keyboard in low light conditions doesn't even exist anymore. Any ideas? It's a 1.67GHz 15.4" Powerbook (the last Power PC laptop right before the switch to Intel) running 10.4.11


edit: I downloaded a program called Lab Tick from Apple and it allows me to control my backlight so I know that the backlight works, but the automatic adjustment that I used to have isn't there and that program only lets me adjust it manually which isn't exactly what I was wanting.
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