KDE with Fink?

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I use KDE with my Redhat - and that runs on my pc.

I've been thinking to try KDE on my mac - supposedly with fink...

Has any of you installed that or those?

What experiences have you had with them?

I also notice fink seems to work in 10.1, not with Jaguar.. :confused:

Should i try??

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    rraburrabu Posts: 239member
    I've got it running on my iBook 600 in 10.2.1

    For it to work, you need to follow the instructions at fink's website (on sourceforge I think) for either:

    a) installing fink on 10.2

    b) updating fink after updating to 10.2

    You also have to grab kde from the unstable tree as you need to grab version 3.0.7 (a beta of 3.1 I think) rather than 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 for it to compile and work on 10.2.

    Note: you also need to compile it. I let my iBook compiling for over 2 days. On the other hand, icewm took less than 10 minutes to compile.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member

    downdloading yellow dog 2.3..

    maybe that will be more useful??
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    rraburrabu Posts: 239member
    I prefer running xfree86 and then whatever window manager I want right in OSX as that saves me having to reboot to switch. I can keep OSX running and use pretty much any xwindows app I want directly in it.

    Running YDL may be quite nice, but then you'll be dual booting 2 OSes rather than running everything in the 1 OS.

    Of course, I guess you can run OSX in Mac-On-Linux ( at least I think that's what it is called; never tried it ).

    Let us know how you make out with YDL.

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    i've been (and still am) compiling fink's kde for a while. mid-sunday is when i started. i keep it going in the background (slows my whole comptuer down). it stopped for a few hours after i restarted at 1 point.
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