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Why is it that there are things that I can't delete in OS X, sometimes getting an "owned by root" message, but when I switch to OS 9 I can delete anything?


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    Because it's just data... I used to take a *nix boot floppy disk to the NT machines we had in high school to grab the sam files to crack the passwords... *nix did not limit my disk access like my student NT account did... it's a different OS, X can't talk to 9 on the same disk... besides 9 didn't even have that much security... there wasn't much you couldn't delete with an option empty trash... if you want to remove those files in X open up a terminal and type sudo rm -rf, then a space, then drag the file into the terminal window and it will append the files address. hit return and type in your password.
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    Under OS X, although you may own the machine and be an administrator, you still don't have all the file permissions possible. By default, only the root, a super user if you like, has these. This is standard Unix and, amongst other things, prevents users from accidentally deleting critical system files. OS 9 has a less hierarchical way of assigning permissions and by default any user can pretty much delete anything, possibly causing a lot of damage.

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