Public wifi hotspot problems

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I?ve read the thread about flaky wifi, but I think the following may be a different issue, as this is not about absolute wifi connectivity:

I am using a year old MacBook Pro.

It connects just fine into my own wifi, and to private networks at friends? homes, hotels etc.

However, it is problematic when it comes to using some free-to-use hotspots in public areas.

Typically I can connect right onto any non-locked wifi system, but then the problems can start.

The procedure to connect is to open the web browser (Safari or Firefox installed), which should immediately be automatically directed to the organisation?s log-in site, where you accept their terms and conditions, and off you go.

Sometimes for me this works fine, so for example I go into a McDonalds, and their web page comes up no problem.

But for others it does not show: for example I cannot hook into the Orange France wifi service, nor the UK Eurotunnnel service and others, as there is no trace of redirection to their wifi web page. (Their information confirms that a log-in site should present itself to log in)

Yet I see people using PC laptops with no probs. .Most frustrating.

Bizarrely, in all instances my iPhone links immediately.

Seems to me that something on the MacBook may be misconfigured, and any help to identify and rectify the problem will be much appreciated.
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