airtunes (airport express) and video (MKV) files

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Hi people, im new on this forums

I'm quite happy with all the apple products. Yesterday I bought the airport, for the reason to play video’s (MKV format) visualy on my MBP, while i send the sound thrue airport express (airport) to my remote speakers.

I feel I'm "tricked", because this is the reason why i bought the airtunes. Only to find out it -like it actually advertises- really only plays sound thrue itunes. I do not want to trick my files to have itunes be able to play the MKV. (Besides, even if they play, the sounds stays on the laptop, whether i click sounds to the airtunes or not..).

Is there a simple -FREE- way to do this? I feel scammed for using airfoil, since they charge money for this option

As much as I hoped i wouldn't be alone with this questions, i can find little info about this. I've searched the forum and couldnt find it, nor is there a clear answer thrue google)

Any help would be appreaciated!


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    If you want to play a video on your Mac (or through a TV/projector hooked up to your Mac) and send audio via Airtport Express (wireless) to your remote speakers SYNCED to the video, try this setup.

    1) Plex Media Center for OS X - (free, donations accepted)


    Plex is a very nice media center for Mac which lets you organize and play all your media (even iPhoto and iTunes) from your Mac and any connected or networked drives. Plex's video player is based on XMBC and is great for playing all kinds of video formats.

    2) Airfoil - (commercial, $25)


    Airfoil is an utility that lets you stream ANY audio (not just iTunes) from your Mac or Win machine to your AirPort Express. Although it features a built in video player it is not very good for playing HD formats. That's why I recommend Plex.

    Short how-to:

    Turn on both your AirPort Express and Airport on your Mac.

    Launch Airfoil and choose Plex app as the source for streaming sound to your amp/speakers via Airport.

    After the basic Plex app setup (watch the help videos), PLAY a movie in Plex. Sound will still be delayed. During movie playback, click Return on your keyboard to show Plex playback controls. With your Arrow keys choose AUDIO SETTINGS and there you will be able to speed up (or delay) the audio component of the movie to compensate for the AirPort streaming buffer delay. Generally you will want to SPEED UP the audio for about two seconds.

    Next you can save these settings as a default for playing all your videos so you don't have to fiddle with the settings each time you want to watch a movie on this setup.


    Navigation in Plex media center defaults to using a remote or your keyboard. It supports the mouse too but this must be enabled in the Plex preferences. If you have not used a media center app before you can learn about it at Plex support page h**p://

    Hope this helps
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