os x (10.1) on pm 7200 w/ g3 400 upgrade card

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can os x be installed on a pm 7200/90 with Sonnet Crescendo G3/400 card?

with maxed out ram, would that be at least tolerable speed? or shoud i stick with os 9.2.2?


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    Even with the hack <a href="http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/XPostFacto/"; target="_blank">XPostFacto</a>, , the 7200 series is still unsupported. As I recall, OSX will only run on Macs with the 603 or 604 processor or later.

    Even if you could get it to work, it would probably be *really* slow.
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    you can get it to run on a 7200 or catalyst powercomputing clone but thats a wierd upgrade card so I think OS X would see you 601 and it wont run on a 601.
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