macbook freezing

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I have a white macbook. I only use it for the internet and itunes. It keeps freezing. Also my itunes music is all gone,including all my playlists. there is lots of memory left. any help would be appreciated.


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    Is your HDD in good condition? Do you always hear it scratching against the disc? Try Verifying your disc and repairing both the permissions and the Disc. You can do that in Disc Utility. I don't know what do to about your lost data unless you have a Time Machine backup.

    Report back here to see if it helped with the freezing.
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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 278member
    what size or how much total drive space is your machine? it sounds like you may have a faulty drive, the seagate 60 & 80 gb drives are notorious for this.
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