10.2 Finder Pauses

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I know it has been flying around here on the boards, some users have seen applications pause for a rather lengthly time before loading in Jaguar. Is there any sign Apple is aware of how many users this affects and any idea how soon this could be fixed. I didn't pay the extra money for Jaguar for these long load times and Finder hickups resulting in some application crashes.

(Using a iMac G4 800 LCD with 1GB RAM, 10.2.1)


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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    I notice that how long an app lags before you see the splash screen (for example) can depend on how you launch the app. If you use 3rd party utilities, it can take an extra couple seconds seems like. I think though, at 500MHz G4 and Radeon Mac Edition, most of my problem lies in hardware limitation...

    ...and I can't even afford to get a new drive and one of those 800 MHz upgrades right now either. Damn economy.

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    I have not noticed a problem, Could those pauses that are seen be ones computer running out of memory and virtual memory acessing the hard drive? This *is* how having more memory will make said computer faster...

    EDIT: forgot to add, I have 1 GIG of ram. No problems here. Not even a lag on starting a program. DP533

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    Well it shouldn't be a problem at all since I am running 1GB of ram as well. It worked perfect in 10.1.5 but since I got 10.2 Jaguar (actually 10.2.1) I have this problem. And I believe if I remember right it stems something from the internet connection, but even if the first thing I open is Word from Office v.X it happens just the same. I know my router lags a little bit when the first computer logs into the DNS but everything can't be connected to the internet and depend on that, or is it? I sure hope Apple find some remedy.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,561member
    I am running a QS 867 with 1.1GB and I don't normally see such a lag. One time I do see it is if one the two hard drives has gone to sleep. It seems that when you open most folders or launch most programs the Finder feels the need to check something on each volume mounted.

    1. After running for a while (couple of days) open Terminal and type vm_stat and check for page outs. It should probably be near zero.

    2. Run a disk utility and check the hard drive. My sense is that a lot of the problems I have heard of have been traced to a faulty install or damaged directory system.

    3. If at all possible when installing Jaguar wipe the disk before installing.
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