iMovie 09: Apple TV Manual Export Settings

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey guys,

So I'm trying to export video from iMovie 09 HD using the Apple TV export quality so I can then upload it to, but my problem is I use an Azden lapel microphone which only records on one channel in mono so I'm forced to export using the "Export Using Quicktime" options feature instead of the automatic iMovie 09 Share --> Export Movie --> Apple TV setting since there aren't any options there to change the audio and there are options under the "export to quicktime" setting.

So my question is this... Anyone know the exact manual export settings iMovie 09 uses for the Apple TV export setting? Then I can just go in using the "export using quicktime" options feature and make the audio mono and then export using the same settings the auto Apple TV export uses. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I'm looking for bit rate, movie size etc...

Btw... I'm shooting the stuff on a Canon HD Vixia HV30 using cinema mode at 24fps and 960x540 when I import it into iMovie.

I've gotten great video quality that looks near HD after I've already uploaded to just playing with the export settings, but have noticed the file sizes have been larger than if I just use the Apple TV export setting and they seem to be slow to load. So the video moves faster than the video loads and it catches itself and has to wait to load more. It's not an internet issue either as I'm on a 50mbps isp and when I upload straight using the Apple TV export option is looks great and loads quite fast and plays great.

I wish I could just use the auto export to Apple TV, but still choose the options tab to alter a few things like audio.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.

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