clean up hard drive macbook c2d find space

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10.4.11 2gb ram

so i have 111 gb on my macbook, i only have 3gb left.... i want to clean out unwanted stuff

how can i find some extra space? is there software to help with this?

thanks for your help


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    utisnum1utisnum1 Posts: 138member
    Monolingual is a tool that takes out PPC code for your apps since they aren't running on PPC, Onyx is also a good tool to get all unwanted files off.

    If anything, buy an external HDD, back up your important files and buy a bigger HDD and install Leopard.
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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 281member
    I found that monolingual works with lang packs in the apps, but not when it comes to the ppc binaries. It kills apps that aren't universal, esp. adobe cs, cs2.

    try an app call omni disk sweeper. it's free now! it shows you where large files / folders are.
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