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alright, I just opened an Illustrator 10 file I designed.

It's asking for two fonts.

Nothing has changed in the last few days since I created the file.

Why in the world is Illustrator asking for fonts that have not been moved nor changed in any way?

These are fonts that came on the Adobe programs I installed.

Has anyone had issues with fonts on OS X?


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    Can you provide some more info?

    Font management software being used?

    Which folders are being used for font storage?

    OS 9 in use? etc
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    buggybuggy Posts: 83member
    I am experiancing a similar problem with inDesign2

    I have multiple machines with the exact same font sets,

    Some of the machines are not recognizing all of the fonts. (so far only experiancing it with one font, but we have not tested all of the fonts, the problem only crept in 2 days ago.)

    With OS9 I used to use ATM delux. I thought this was a thing of the past with OSX.

    the particulars

    OSX 10.2

    fonts in <Hard drive-Library-fonts>

    285 fonts in folder

    Font in question is

    Sorry I wished I had an answer for you... but you are not alone.

    [ 10-29-2002: Message edited by: Buggy ]</p>
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    I got Font Reserve at the same time as Jaguar because of reading about fonts being stored all over the place on OS X. It's a great utility for managing everything from one browser, with plenty of options (and it's happy on 10)
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Man, I was trying to use some of my fonts in Illustrator 10 this evening in 10.2 and a whole bunch of them are in the old Font Reserve "vault" and they've been converted into something with ".scr" extensions that can't be used....GRRRRRRRRRR. I need to go buy Font Reserve for X and get this stuff straightened out!!!!

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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Is font reserve at all tedious to learn to use?
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