Suggestions on external hard drive for mac mini and other upgrades

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hey everybody,

I've been lurking here a while, and I need some help, so I decided to register.

I'm buying one of the new minis (probably the 2.26 ghz BTO option). I want to hook up an external hard drive for backups and additional storage, but I also want to plug in an external iSight (FW400) and have a firewire port available for to switch between another external HD and a camcorder.

So, my question is this: should I buy a FW 800 external hard drive, and daisy chain the iSight and/or camcorder off of that? Would this mean that the FW800 drive would only be running at 400 speeds?

I have heard of some external hard drives that incorporate a FW 440/800 hub. Anyone have any experience with those?

My other question is this: does it really void the warranty to upgrade the RAM and HD yourself on a mini? I want to max out the specs, but I don't want to pay Apple's prices for RAM and a bigger HD. I want to buy order the bottom-tier mac mini, configure it for the faster processor, then upgrade the RAM and HD myself.
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