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OK, right off the start I want to say I don't want to start a flame war, what follows is just my experience with 10.2.1.

I have a .mac account primarilly for email, but a few days ago I decided that I wanted to make a very simple web page. I went to apple's site to use their templates. The only thing I wanted on this page was a rather large movie (30 mb) I made myself. When I went to upload it, I found it had to be on my iDisk first. No biggie, I have a cable modem. So I open my iDisk, and drag the movie to the movies folder. For some reason, the movie never copied in 10.2. It would act like it would, then sit there with out actually finishing the copy. Then I couldn't delete the failed copy because the file was in use. After trying over and over, I boot into 9, copy the file, delete the failed one and go on my merry way. Then I realize I can't use the templates in 9 without IE crashing, so I have to boot back into 10. This is rediculous. To have to boot into 9 for a simple copy is inexcusable. Coupled with the terrible performance of 10.2 (on a Cube at least), the SHITTY video editing software glitches in 10.2, the lack of a decent browser in 10.2, and even the lack of decent game support in 10.2 (not only are game pads not supported AT ALL, but MAME in 10 sucks compared to 9), I arrived at what many will think of as an unspeakable conclusion: I am running windows XP.

Hear me out. My PC, for which I paid far less than my Cube SCREAMS, and it's only got a 900 MHz Athlon. The internet acts like its on a cable modem on my PC instead of acting like dial-up like on my mac. Video editing does really blow in windows (Movie Maker? hahahahahahaha), but I can just keep my Cube with 9 around for that, and it's no worse in windows than in 10 really. Apple does not seem to be doing anything to fix 10.2's biggest fatal flaws: speed and compatability. Rendezvous? Hey that's nice, but why won't my game pad work, and how come the best browser is in beta (Chimera)? So as time goes on, I find myself using, and liking, my PC more and more while my mac collects dust. Take note apple, OS X is a C- of an OS.

I don't want to bash macs on a mac board, but X needs a lot of work that apple just isn't doing, and it's costing them.


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    do you have a flamesuit ?
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    [quote]Originally posted by cheetah:

    <strong>I don't want to bash macs on a mac board</strong><hr></blockquote>Oh, you're doing a great job of not bashing there.

    This thread is so generic and inflammatory that I don't see *anything* positive coming from it. If you have some more specific complaints about Apple and Mac OS X, feel free to make new threads to address them.

    And choose your words carefully. Blatant statements like something "sucks" or is "SHITTY" do not foster constructive criticism and help.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Defiant:

    <strong>do you have a flamesuit ?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Add him to "the list." [dramatic music plays]

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