OS X permissions run amok!

in macOS edited January 2014
y'know, i hate to post here, since the os x forum is beginning to look a LOT like what the Genius Bar is supposed to be. but it seems most people are a.) doing that same thing and b.) hanging out here more often, so i have a better shot of being heard and answered here.

anyway, here's the scoop:

four people in our studio running 10.2, on a windows 2000 server network. files saved on common server box, accessible to all.

however, and as i would expect it to do, every time i make a directory on the server, it locks its contents to me by default, unless i unlock them. same holds true for all other users on the network.

it's not a huge deal now -- we just manually reset the permissions for the troublesome folders.

BUT... when the busy printing season comes up in about two weeks, we won't have time to backtrack and fix any files/folders set incorrectly.

is there a place to modify the default permissions under 10.2 so that new folders always have read/write to all users? failign that, is there a way to make the server always set the permissions to read/write?

i have a potential solution in mind, but i'm not fond of it. basically, everyone inthe studio would have the same login. therefore, whoever logs in, the sever just thinks it's the same person and allows for read-write access. not pretty, but i think it would work. i think.

any ideas?


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