Need help with Logic Express 8!

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so i've been making music for about 2 years now, and the whole time i used garageband. I would connect my midi keyboard, record a little song, mess with the sounds and add drum beats and all that. I eventually got tired of it though cuz your pretty limited with the sounds you can make, just basic piano, organ, horns, synths, etc. I recently bought Logic Express 8 hoping to be able to get a whole new variety of sounds, which is somewhat true, but i feel like there should be more. There is a ton of different synth sounds, but those are too techno for me, they all sound the same pretty much.

Does anyone know if im missing something? is there a good way to get a big variety of different sounds? is there any kind of upgrade pack or something? I am a little let down by logic express, too many synth sounds.

I have sort of an RJD2 and Nightmares on Wax style, and i love some of the sounds they use, and i feel like logic can only get me really techno-ish sounds and just a few other sounds.


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    I would get the GarageBand Jam Packs....the Rhythm and Orchestra ones are the best, IMO.
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    The ES2 synth in LE8 is capable of quite a bit. Check out logicprohelp for preset downloads, etc.

    You can also use the EXS24 sampler with many many sample libraries out there.

    Also, check out the tons of audio unit synths out there (many are free) - most of them listed here:
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    If you're looking for natural sounds, I'd look into SoundFonts (this is a description, not a program) to use with GarageBand. I've used dozens of free soundfonts to create very naturalistic simulations of real instruments. It's a little challenging getting things set up, but the payoff is huge.
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