What makes the MacBook Air so expensive?

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What exactly makes the MacBook Air $1,799? If it is the thinnest notebook with less features and less parts, why is it priced so high? Wouldn't the ideal price for the MacBook Air and for Apple to still make a good product off of it be around the 700-800 dollar mark?


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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member
    What differentiates the MacBook Air from netbooks. That netbooks offer extremely reduced performance. While the MBA offers fairly competitive performance in a thinner lighter case.

    The MacBook Air is a sub-notebook. Its essentially a MacBook packed in a smaller case. To accomplish this is more expensive than the MacBook. Other companies make sub-notebooks of similar specs and price. Sony and Lenovo are two companies that make similar notebooks.
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    kleenexkleenex Posts: 4member
    usually the lighter and smaller notebooks command a premium. the price for portability is always high, probably b/c the mfrs know it's the biz executives that are primarily using them during their travels.

    it's also probably less cost effective for them to produce the parts for smaller less popular laptops. like cutting the glass lcd sizes might be cheaper for the bigger laptops. it could also be the technology, such as ssds and battery life and such.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    The 2nd Gen MacBook Air with SSD is a surprisingly fast computer. For its size it's really fast actually. It's probably the best laptop around right now in my opinion. But then again, I can say that as I also own a 24" iMac. If you have a desktop the MacBook Air is the one to get. If you don't, get a MacBook Pro.
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    futurepastnowfuturepastnow Posts: 1,772member
    More expensive components, low production volume.
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