15 inch MBP wireless issues - different from the norm

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
So I just got a new 15 inch MBP a couple of weeks ago (2.5ghz 4gb of RAM, etc…), and am having some rather annoying issues with the wireless capabilities.

I’ve read other threads where folks are having their signal drop while they are using it, but those are not the symptoms I’m having and I’ve not seen any other threads specific to what I’ve been experiencing.

Basically what happens is when I boot up, the MBP will tell me none of my trusted wireless networks are available, but clearly displayed in the list of networks is MY network…showing full signal strength. If I select the network and click Join it asks for my password, once I type that in it will try to connect and give me a Network Timeout error.

If I reboot a couple of times it will eventually connect to the network (on its own, without prompting me for my password – it shouldn’t, I’ve told it to remember the network) and once it’s connected it stays connected – no disconnects.

I’ve tried zapping the PRAM (no luck), and last night I deleted all the other trusted networks from memory (maybe that will work?).

I’m using Verizon FiOS and whatever router it is that comes with the service, I know its 802.11g. In the same room I use my laptop we have 2 iPhones, 1 Time Capsule, my wife’s G4 PowerBook, a PS3, 2 PSP’s, and a Wii. None of the other devices are having problems finding the network. The Time Capsule and my wife’s computer are actually situated further away from the router than I am…

At this point I’m kind of at a loss for what to do. Should I take it back to the store and hit the salesman over the head with it? Should I find Steve Jobs and force him to use my laptop until it drives him crazy enough to push his team to release a bug fix (if it’s in fact a bug)?

Any advice from the experts?
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